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As with all best of galleries, it’s tempting to add too many pictures. This is even more true for this year’s Campagnolo GFNY Championship because it was an amazing day AND we have over 150,000 photos to choose from. But we tried and THAT’S WHAT WE HAVE COME UP WITH. Don’t miss out on getting …


Grizzly Bear

Was the 6th running of Campagnolo GFNY everything you expected? Or was it perhaps a little more? With a record number of 93 countries represented and 5000 riders a swarm of green and black took over GWB in the early ours of Sunday morning. High wind gusts were predicted later in the day but absolutely …


Profoundly deaf athlete Victor Wong spreads awareness for hearing loss on two wheels

There are currently 360 million people around the world with disabling hearing loss. Thirty five year old Victor Wong is one of them. Whether you are a cyclist putting hours on the road or trainer or a long distance runner, music is a key motivator to many endurance athletes. Wong is an age group triathlete, …


There are no limits for gutsy 26 year old Katie Sullivan

French and economic major Katie Sullivan was young and independent with a bright future ahead when in a split second everything suddenly changed. Sullivan’s life was put on hold and the 23 year olds newly found independence stripped away when a cab hit her at 30mph. The last memory she has is leaving Gramercy theater …


Harrell at the top of Bear Mountain on a great training day

Learning to walk again is like training for Gran Fondo. If you don’t put the work in you are not going to do it. That’s what Dr David Harrell, PhD believes and who am I to disagree. In 1996 whilst working on his first PhD at the University of Georgia, Harrell (43) was struck by …


Superman on Two Wheels

Learning to ride, as an adult can prove quite challenging. Learning to ride as an adult with Parkinson’s disease, now that is the stuff of superheroes. Alfred Ruiz, has three children. Like many fathers, in his children’s’ eyes he is Superman. The difference between Ruiz and most dads is he has Parkinson’s disease. His disease …


Chris Torella

Canadian Chris Torella considered himself a healthy active forty year old when a routine medical check for a green card turned life upside-down. Getting healthy again and back on the bike has been a huge factor in helping the Canadian rediscover life. He took on The Bear last year and this weekend takes on the …


Disc Brakes

After disc brakes have been banned by the UCI for professional races, national federations like the French and Spanish followed suit and banned them as well. While the Spanish federation explicitly excluded them also for granfondos and even bike tours, the French ruling seems a little more ambiguous. We have been asked by riders and …


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