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Bicycling is the world’s leading cycling magazine and connects with millions of active, affluent professionals for whom cycling is the centerpiece of a vibrant, experiential lifestyle. Bicycling’s unique combination of travel, gear, fitness, style and award-winning stories — all surrounded by vivid photography and framed in elegant design — brings the sport to life for passionate readers who take us along for every ride.



BICISPORT brings Italian pro cycling commentary to English speaking countries. No other country in the world lives and breathes pro cycling like Italy. Check out Bicisport’s English edition to get an in depth look at what it means to talk about the “professionisti”.

cyclingit is Italy’s source for everything cycling on- and off-line. With specialized magazines covering Gran Fondo, pro cycling, mtb, cycle touring and city cycling, provides every imaginable angle of cycling in monthly print issues. Online, it is Italy’s most important cycling platform, now also available as iPad and iPhone applications.

cyclosportlogo is your source for finding a “sportive” in the UK – and abroad! If you live in the UK, is your planner for the season.



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